Be Party Season Ready: Save money, save time, save your worries

With Halloween included, winter is well known as the dress up party season. Statistics shown the majority of the North America population spent the most amount of money between the months of October to December. About 15% of American company retailers begin holiday shopping promotions as early as October 1st. Over 50% of shoppers will take advantage of pre-holiday season sales to get their shopping list done early. It is also a time for most people attending work place year end parties, company Christmas celebrations, family and friends private parties, dress-code oriented events and galas, and the list goes on. Men might have it the easier way: a well-tailored suit and the simple choice of a tie or bow tie would do for most cocktail to black-tie dress code events. For the ladies, no detail is left ignored: nails, hair, makeup, the dress, the coat, the bag, the heels, accessories, and more.  If your calendar is marked with more than two parties to attend in the holiday season, it would be wise to begin planning your fashion weapons of choices well ahead of the dates to save money and time on last minute shopping trips to complete the look.

Start Personal


From the end of October to the first two weeks of November would be a great time to get new hair colour/touch up or a subtle makeover done such as minor trimmings and cut some layers if hair is too heavy or thick. This will allow time for yourself to get use to your new hair look, and time for hair to get some natural fading and growing done to look refreshed yet natural. This is also when salons are less busy and have more time to spend with clients. Some might offer special promotions even. While at the salon, ask your hair stylist what are some good styling ideas you can do with your new look. Not only would you receive some expert advice, you can also try out some up-dos and see if you can do it yourself. If not, book your party date hair styling appointment now to avoid your stylist fully booked on the day.

Party Hair Updo tutorials: 25 beautiful hair updo tutorials


As most gel nails / shellac nails would likely last at least two weeks and more, choosing a color that would go well with your choice of dresses would be wise. Neutral colors are always great since they can match well with other colors. A good idea is to settle with a theme color scheme for the season, and match your colors from outfits to nails to accessories using that themed color scheme. Plan well and you can save time and money for re-dos if the colors do not match.

Color Scheme tools: Color scheme designer

Style follows

The Dress

Make sure you have read the dress code to each event correctly and plan for the correct dress / gown / themed costumes. For the usual cocktail to black tie dress code events, keep the design and color simple so you can wear the same outfit a few times with different accessories and hair styles to create different looks. As fashion repeats itself every 2-3 years, maybe you already have something in your closet that is trendy again. Maybe your sister has one that she doesn’t wear anymore. Maybe your little black dress just needs some minor alterations. All in all, check your wardrobe for what you already have and then decide if you need to shop for a new dress. If so, take advantage of the after-fall seasonal sale between end of October and beginning of November when they are getting rid of stocks to make room for heavier winter items.

Why not try the beautiful classic Gatsby inspired party dresses for the holiday glamour season? Little Black Dress Co. Gatsby Inspired Dresses


Choose a few key pieces and wear them according to the “Rule of three”: wear only three accessories at a time. Watches included. Some good tips to rely on: wearing dangling earrings will accentuate the face, while wearing long string necklace pieces will elongate the neck and keep focus centered. However, never match the two together as it will make the person look overwhelmed with accessories. Choose sleek simple pieces if the dress has well designed details. Choose something more extravagant to pair with chic well-cut dresses, especially with cocktail length dresses.

Party style accessories: <a href="http://www impuissance avec viagra.vogue.com/13257112/red-carpet-accessories-at-every-price/” target=”_blank”>Red Carpet worthy accessories style guide

Clutch and heels

As matching as possible to give the outfit a cohesive look. Again, try choosing neutral colors. Take advantage of pre-holiday season sales to look for great deals in department stores that carries both footwear and handbags.

What to pack in your evening handbag: clutch essentials


Take advantage of your local makeup boutiques that has on-site makeup specialists who can help you pick out your matching colors. The thing is, depending on the colors of the outfits and accessories, makeup should match accordingly to create an cohesive look. So once you have planned your party outfits according to the list above and know your colors, the makeup specialist can assist you better in selecting coordinating eye makeup and blush colors, as well as a party lipstick color. Some brands offer special edition to go boxes with pre-coordinated matching colors. Some have pocket size lipsticks. With the party clutch being 1/4 the size of your day-bag, every millimeter square of space counts.

Makeup tutorials: Sephora TV

Match with your partner

If you are attending events with a significant other, it would be both fun and sweet to have matching colors and outfits, and knowing what your partner would wear in advance will help you adjust your own outfit to avoid under/over dressing.


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