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Celebrate Mother's Day with some unique activity ideas. Photo by Ijaz Rafi

7 Budget-Friendly Mother’s Day Activities to Show Your Mom You Care

More Precious than Gifts: Precious Time to Spend with Mom Mother’s Day is a special occasion where we get the opportunity to show our love and gratitude towards the woman, and those who are “mothers” in our lives, who has always been there for us. While gifts are always appreciated, it’s important to remember that […]

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Eye Contact and Smile to make positive first impressions

Increase your Positive Body Language with 5 Useful Tips

Body Language has long been the practical human language before the development of verbal languages. Studies have shown that in a fractions of a minute, we have scanned a number of critical physical features from head to toe to determine if a person is a friend or a foe. Even little clues such as how […]

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Two stylist women photographed in an urban setting photo by nationtrendz

Smart Wardrobe Essentials Money Saving Tips

Wardrobe essentials refers to the must have items in a person’s clothing collection. Little black dress, a two piece suit, a good leather jacket, a good pair of jeans are all examples of essential pieces going into a person’s wardrobe. When done right, your personalized capsule collection should accomplish three major goals: have a collection […]

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3 essential tips to help you achieve your new year resolutions

  Now that we have stepped into the new year, you may already have a number of new year resolutions that you like to fulfill. You have spent the time to put your thoughts into what you would like to accomplish this year, it is essential that you do reach your goals in the end. […]

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Work place etiquette: Be a professional starting with your manners

Summer is coming. So is the annual co-op / internship / summer seasonal hiring marathon season. Most companies would take this summer hiring wave as a test ground for their long term hires’ testing grounds. Performing to the best of all abilities will highly boost the chance to turn a summer job into a long […]

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Consumer buying power: Exercise your consumer etiquette and change the world

Etiquette essentially concerns the quality of interactive relationships. It is how one person treats the surrounding existence on a everyday basis and that in turn reflects the quality of the person. Etiquette extends to how we treat animals, plants and the environment. Most certainly, to the world we live in. Etiquette is all about making […]

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10 necessary table manner and hospitality tips: the essential life soft skills

Over the years I have heard a number of reasons why good table manner are important, from “good manners open doors” to “a show of class” and the popular “because more business are being done over dinner”.While all those are very true and I could not agree more, my enlightenment came as an answer from […]

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19th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl 2015: Showcase and connect with Vancouver artists

What began in year 1994 when four artists participated in an open studio and fundraising event has now grow into a Vancouver staple annual event attracting over 450 participating artists across over 80 buildings/facilities showcasing a huge spectrum of art in forms ranging from painting, photography, scripture, film, and other mediums, all to celebrate the […]

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Be Party Season Ready: Save money, save time, save your worries

With Halloween included, winter is well known as the dress up party season. Statistics shown the majority of the North America population spent the most amount of money between the months of October to December. About 15% of American company retailers begin holiday shopping promotions as early as October 1st. Over 50% of shoppers will […]

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Blood and Water: First mainstream Chinese crime drama to make history

OMNI Television Brings Canadians its First Original, Chinese Crime Drama Blood and Water, Beginning Nov. 8 – Filmed and set in Vancouver, this Chinese crime drama series is available in Mandarin, Cantonese and English – – The eight-part, 30-minute series is produced by Breakthrough Entertainment, with development on Season 2 already underway – TORONTO (September […]

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