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Eye Contact and Smile to make positive first impressions

Increase your Positive Body Language with 5 Useful Tips

Body Language has long been the practical human language before the development of verbal languages. Studies have shown that in a fractions of a minute, we have scanned a number of critical physical features from head to toe to determine if a person is a friend or a foe. Even little clues such as how […]

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Two stylist women photographed in an urban setting photo by nationtrendz

Smart Wardrobe Essentials Money Saving Tips

Wardrobe essentials refers to the must have items in a person’s clothing collection. Little black dress, a two piece suit, a good leather jacket, a good pair of jeans are all examples of essential pieces going into a person’s wardrobe. When done right, your personalized capsule collection should accomplish three major goals: have a collection […]

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Work place etiquette: Be a professional starting with your manners

Summer is coming. So is the annual co-op / internship / summer seasonal hiring marathon season. Most companies would take this summer hiring wave as a test ground for their long term hires’ testing grounds. Performing to the best of all abilities will highly boost the chance to turn a summer job into a long […]

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