An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga in Standing Ovations

Vancouverites just gave two of the biggest stars on the planet a new understanding of standing ovations on the opening night of their much anticipated “Cheek to Cheek” concert tour.

The evening began with a tribute to the great music legend Frank Sinatra as the charismatic energetic Mr. Tony Bennett entered the stage while the entire body of audience inside The Queen Elizabeth Theatre applauded in standing ovation.

And again when the dazzling Lady Gaga took the stage.

If Lady Gaga dazzled the audience with her Sound of Music performance at the Oscars, she certainly is assuring everyone that this is still just the beginning. Singing her heart out to a curated set list of classic jazz great hits,  Lady Gaga is the golden age diva cruising between major and minor with ease.

While Lady Gaga brings to the stage her theatrical flavor, Mr. Bennett sang acheter du viagra au maroc. His voice transcends through time, and took the audiences on a journey through emotions and memories. At one point, accompanied by the soulful strings of guitar, everyone held their breath and listened as Mr. Bennett sang without using his microphone. It was a show of striped down principle: great music performed great. That is certainly what the evening was. The performers, the selected minimal visuals, the performing band musicians, and the audiences.

We just kept those standing ovations going we lost count.


These ONCE in a lifetime performances will feature tracks from their critically acclaimed album Cheek to Cheek which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts upon its release in September. At 88, Bennett remains the oldest artist in music industry history to have an album on the #1 spot on the Billboard charts. Cheek to Cheek marks Lady Gaga’s third consecutive #1 album release in just over three years.



For more information of the Tuesday and Wednesday concert, visit: An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga “Cheek to Cheek” Concert Tour


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