Interview with Harvey Tsao, Chantecaille International Makeup Artist

“I believe good skin is the first step to beauty. Makeup is the enhancement to beauty and it is important to understand the concept of using good ingredients in skin care and makeup products.”

Harvey Tsao, Chantecaille International Makeup Artist

One year after his first visit to Vancouver, Chantecaille International Makeup Artist Mr. Harvey Tsao makes his second visit to Holt Renfrew Vancouver to share with his clients his makeup artistry techniques and to introduce the exquisite new colour palettes of Chantecaille’s summer makeup collection.

It was a wonderful delight to be in a conversation session with the charming, joyful and earnest Harvey. Becoming a makeup artist, in Harvey’s retrospective, was his destiny. From exploring his mother’s collections of beauty products, to his love for drawing, to his interest in the ingredients of beauty products, Harvey has the undoubted natural instinct and talent for recognizing beauty and how to enhance beauty.

Liquid Lumiere

Liquid Lumiere Anti-aging Face Illuminator

“I always believe good skin is the first step to beauty. Makeup is the enhancement to beauty and it is important to understand the concept of using good ingredients in skin care and makeup products.” Harvey explained. “Chantecaille products use the best possible natural ingredients developed by the best people from around the world. These ingredients are not only for the skin care products, they are also in the makeup products. We look to inspire not only beauty on the exterior, but also beauty in the interior by educating our clients of the importance of natural ingredients, and the environmental sustainability of nature.”

Harvey strongly resonates with the Chantecaille philosophy that as humans, we can help change the world for the better by taking responsibility to take care and give back to nature. From Chantecaille’s Glacier Palette addressing the glacier crisis, to saving environmental endangered species, the company’s philanthropy has always been being the constant advocate to educate and to engage more people in bringing about positive change.

Le Chrome Eye Shadow Duo

Le Chrome Eye Shadow Duo in Lantern and Golden Lavender

As the pacific region sales and training manager, Harvey’s makeup technique is a cohesive result of years of first-hand experience applying makeup for his clients. “My artistry experiences help generates ideas on products and techniques. My makeup technique style is efficient and practical. People are always busy. It is essential that a product can be used in such a way that is easy, quick and effective.” Harvey explains as he introduce the summer 2015 makeup collection. The Chantecaille summer makeup look is sheen, illuminatus and blends in with the natural skin. The colour palette for each category is minimal yet versatile.

Harvey suggests applying Liquid Lumiere anti-aging face illuminator for highlights, or blend with equal parts of foundation for an all over natural sheen glow. Use bronzers to couture the face to emphasise structure. For the eyes, the new Gardens of Marrakech in Crocus Le Chrome Luxe Eye Duos is two complimenting shades of Lantern and Golden Lavender. Crease free and ultra-bendable, they can be applied dry for a sheer radiance, or dampened to create a vibrant liquid-metal effect. As for the lips, Harvey suggests shades in Mandarin, a sutble playfulness from the usual red yet elegant and warm, suitable for any summer occasion.

Lip Chic in Mandarin

Lip Chic in Mandarin

When being asked of which is the one Chantecaille product he cannot live without, Harvey pointed to the Rose de Mai Face Oil with no hestitation. The 100% natural elixir regenerates, nourishes and restuructures skin. It contains Rose de Mai Pure Extract that is rich in vitamin C and process powerful anti-aging and purifying properties. Chilean Tree Bark, which prevents the activation of Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the melanin synthesis that causes dark spots on the skin, along with Paracress and Winged kelp, help to brighten, smooth and firm the skin. The oil’s light texture allows the skin to absorb quickly, leaving a sheen luminous glow.

“It is very important that we provide for the skin the most natural ingredient possible because the skin fights substances such as harmful chemicals that it does not recognize, and it shows in the form of skin inflammation. Harmful chemicals also contribute to early aging of the skin.”

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Rose de Mai Face Oil

As an advocate for quality beauty, Harvey aspires to explore providing his expertise to product developments in the near future, while he continues to look forward to inspiring others of the Chantecaille beauty and her environmental conscious philosophy.

Harvey makeup session

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Chantecaille Beauty counter available at Holt Renfrew Vancouver.

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