I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping myself and the other contestants get ready for the charity gala.
Your coaching tips were helpful, and easy to follow, and made me feel that much more confident to be walking in front of strangers with cameras! You were very friendly, and your hands-on approach definitely made a difference, as each girl improved significantly after her time with you.
Thanks again for being a part of something so special! Your support meant a lot ūüôā
Vienna Kerfoot

Kaila has been an excellent source of models for our marketing agency for over five years. With an experienced eye for detail, Kaila always strives to meet and exceed industry standards; her patience and perseverance to bring out the best in every model shows her dedication to her profession.
Kaila is always poised, considerate and charming — setting the best¬†example for her students. I believe that good etiquette is tremendously important, especially when interacting¬†with culturally diverse audiences. A great smile, tact and grace¬†are what we look for in the models and brand ambassadors¬†who will be¬†representing our clients’¬†brands;¬†models who have been schooled by Kaila have always delivered.
Alisa Choi Darcy – Founder and President / Quote End Quote Cross-Cultural Strategy

Etiquette is not just about looking good, saying the right things at the right time. It’s more than that. It’s the embodiment of a value system that respects your fellow human beings, understands what really matters in life and contributes to a prosperous community. When you hold these values dearly, you will naturally conduct yourself in the manner that commands attention and at the same people puts people at ease. ¬†And if you are aspired to be around the same people who have the same belief system and can learn from each other, you’ve come to the right place and selected the right teacher: Kaila So.
For all those years I’ve known Kaila, she always holds herself to the highest standards. She exudes grace, empathy and respect to people around her and beyond. In her lexicon you will find “honesty”, “integrity”, “good manner” and “class”. ¬†¬†I have nothing but respect for Kaila’s work, her standing in the community and the wealth of experience. ¬†And you soon will share my takes on Kaila.
Ben Lu – Director

My modelling classes with Kaila was both instructive and empowering. She is a very detail oriented, fun and inspiring teacher that I had the opportunity to work with. I had next to none experience in this field. But Kaila was able to teach me the art of modelling in a few classes in preparation for a contest that was less than 2 weeks away.
Needless to say, having her as an instructor granted me the chance to be accepted as the top 4 candidates and eventually winning the competition. I highly recommend Kaila to any one that has an interest in modelling because this is a teacher you will want to have a chance to work with!
Adriel Tam